Refractory installation quality control inspection Api-936

API-936 certification , who must have knowledge of installation, inspection, testing and repair of refractory linings. It provides the industry with a prequalified set of individuals prepared for the job and readily identifies those who are qualified to do the job
The course provides delegates with the following knowledge:
  1. Quality Control
  2. Physical Property Requirements
  3. Inspection Documentation
  4. Material Qualification Testing
  5. Applicator Qualification Testing
  6. Installation
  7. As-installed Testing
  8. Test Specimen Preparation
  9. Test Procedures
  10. Post Installation
A certificate for the API-936 individual certification program.
What Is API?

The American Petroleum Institute (API) offers a certification program for individual in-service inspectors handling the in-service inspection of pressure vessels, pipework and storage tanks. API also manages an expansive catalog catalogue of API ‘codes’ which standardize practice

Why choose an Api-936 refractory inspector?

API-936 certification ignites a range of benefits, Certification illuminates the vast knowledge, skills, and expertise of refractory personnel in understanding refractory materials, installation techniques, and inspection procedures

Api 936

Refractory Inspector Quality Control Refractories

Refractory Inspector / Ispettore Refrattario

Api 936 Certification